We help businesses identify sales opportunities through proactive sales and marketing support.

Job security and business survival depends on retaining and gaining customers. Without customers your business will cease to exist.

How do you retain your customers?
Pareto Principle is the time-honoured rule that says in most businesses, roughly speaking, 80% of business comes from 20% of clients. Therefore it makes sense to devote 80% of your business development efforts to your relationship with those clients.

How do you gain new customers?
Does the thought of Cold Calling fill you with dread? On average for every ten calls you make you will be rejected nine times: that's a 90% failure rate, a daunting prospect! With effective preparation these statistics drop dramatically. Cold calling is an essential part of gaining new customers, if you are not confident in approaching this area yourself call us.

Services include:

  • Cold Calling (B2B)
  • Database validation/cleansing
  • Telesales/Lead generation
  • Customer Care Survey
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Training/Coaching

Services offered through partnership

If you have a requirement for services not listed please let us know, it may be a service we are looking to develop or perhaps we can recommend a suitable company to assist you.

Sales Training

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